Experts In The Plastics Recycling Sector.

The company’s main business is supplying recycling, manufacturing and processing companies with all types of raw materials within plastics. We are also engaged in collection, comprehensive waste collection, processing and recycling of plastics.

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We provide services in the field of management of plastic waste from manufacturing companies – logistics , recycling, disposal and neutralization.

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Experts with 15 years of experience

Import Export Hurt Spedycja J.J. sp. z o.o. was registered in the National Court Register on 30.12.2002 .

Our company deals with collection, segregation,
processing and recycling of plastic waste. As one of the few companies in Poland, we carry out the entire regeneration cycle from A to Z, starting from logistical management of waste, through recycling, our own professional laboratory up to the return of the resulting semi-finished products and products for reuse.

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Garbage Pickup

recycling of waste plastics

We are a recycling company that takes waste plastics and recycles them into new products. This is beneficial for the environment because it reduces pollution and conserves resources.

Garbage Pickup

trade in recyclates

Looking to trade in your recyclates? We take all sorts of recyclables off your hands - from paper to plastics to metals. Get in touch with us today to learn more

Garbage Pickup

Handling manufacturers waste

Looking for a reliable company to handle your manufacturer's waste? Look no further than us! We are experts in waste management and will make sure your waste is disposed of correctly.

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